<h1>Prevention of Surgical Infection Through Education</h1>


Bilary Colic:

  • Recurrent right upper quadrant pain, often precipitated by fatty food

  • Acute right upper quadrant pain and fever
  • May develop into gallbladder empyema [mortality rate 20-30%]

Ascending cholangitis:
  • Sometimes associated with bloodstream infection

  • Caused by passage of stones through the ampulla of Vater
  • Eventually 5-10% of those with diagnosed gallstones will develop gallstone pancreatitis

Cholestatic jaundice:
  • Associated with pale stool and dark urine
  • With clinial evidence of associated infection [i.e. feveer, rigors] this is known as cholangitis

Rare presentations:
  • Bilary perforation [30% mortality rate]
  • Gallstone ileu causing small bowel obstruction
  • Carcinoma of the gallbladder [90% occurs in association with gallstones]

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